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Perry Milou is the featured artist of the 2015 World Meeting of Families hosted in Philadelphia in September 2015.  He employs a rich palette of bold color to create vibrant representational works coined "FINE-POP."  The artist paints in a hybrid style, fluidly combining illustration and popart composition with technique.  Milou draws on a wide range of masters for inspiration including: Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Wesselman.  He creates a blend of pop culture and contemporary art that is frequently a tribute to global icons, Americana, and celebrities. The Fine-Pop artist continues to refine his brand and remains inspired to create bold new projects, while accepting commissions for both private and corporate clients, as well continually contributing to his ever-expanding, diverse roster of charitable foundations around the country. 

His most recent works include portraits of Pope Francis.  He and his family have deep ties to Philadelphia, St. Francis, and Pope Francis's historic visit to America in September 2015.  The artist remarks on his inspiration for his Pope Francis masterpieces: "It is this connection to my love of God and life that has inspired the creation of what I now call A Priceless Painting of Pope Francis. I have big plans for this masterwork. I want to share it’s divine strength of love, peace, and togetherness with the world. I have not quite completed my strategy on how to get there, I am basically asking for guidance from GOD everyday. Our beloved earth is experiencing many hardships. But with hardships, we learn, we fight, and love spreads. We as spiritual beings living a human experience must give and love more, we must want less, serve each other more, accept that we are all created equal...This is my vision on spreading the inspiration of this painting."

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