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​Popular Palm Sunday Products from St. Jude Shop

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As Palm Sunday approaches, St. Jude Shop is here for all of your Catholic church supply needs. From fresh palms to ash dispensers, palm crosses, and more, we have everything you need to make sure your Catholic religious services are as fully equipped and celebratory as they should be.

At St. Jude Shop, we strive to provide Catholic parishes with the highest quality Catholic church supplies available. We carry a wide variety of Catholic items such as altar ware, vestments, candles, chalices, ciboria, tabernacles and vessels, religious statues and fine Catholic art, and much more. Our Catholic supply store also stocks a vast selection of rosaries, crucifixes, Catholic books and Bibles, Catholic jewelry, and Catholic prayer books.

If your parish is looking to make the celebration of Palm Sunday even more special this year, St. Jude Shop is the perfect Catholic church supply store to visit. Our vast selection of Catholic religious items will make your celebration of Palm Sunday even more meaningful. Learn more, and shop our most popular Palm Sunday products today!

What is Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday is the celebration of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem before his death and resurrection. It occurs on the Sunday before Easter in the Catholic tradition. The tradition dates back to 147 AD when Christians of that time began waving palm branches as a sign of joy for Jesus’ arrival, as it was similar to what prophets did when they arrived in Jerusalem.

In Catholic churches, Palm Sunday is celebrated with a special procession at the start of Mass where blessed palms are distributed to members of the congregation who then use them throughout the service as a sign of joy and praise for Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. During this time, Catholic church supplies such as palm crosses, streamers, and banners are often used as well. Catholic stores like St. Jude Shop can provide Catholic religious items such as these to help create a special Palm Sunday atmosphere in Catholic churches of all sizes.

In addition to the procession at the start of Mass, some Catholic churches also offer communion services on Palm Sunday that involve a sermon, prayers, and sometimes a blessing of oils. Catholic stores like St. Jude Shop can provide Catholic church supplies such as crosses, candles, and banners to help create a special atmosphere at these services as well.

Palm Sunday is an important part of Catholic religious tradition that many churches celebrate in some way or another throughout the world. Catholic supply stores like St. Jude Shop can help Catholic churches of all sizes celebrate this day with Catholic religious items and Catholic church supplies that create a special atmosphere for the celebration.

Palms for Palm Sunday

Order long double palms strips for Palm Sunday, in bags of 100 strips. These long double palm strips from fan palms have been stripped and are ready to hand out at your service. The strips range in length from 24" to 36".

Ash Dispenser

Our Ash Dispenser is three inches in diameter with a side reservoir for water. Catholic stores like St. Jude Shop can provide Catholic churches with an ash dispenser for Ash Wednesday and other Catholic religious items and Catholic church supplies to help create a special atmosphere for the celebration.

Live Sago Palm, Bag of Four

Get creative this Palm Sunday with our easy-to-arrange Sago Altar Decor! Each bag comes packed with four palm fronds, measuring 24" to 36" high. For the best results, store these palms in a refrigerator until you're ready to arrange them, and cut stems at an angle of 48 degrees before placing them into ice water for 3 hours. Our decorative palms make it simple and convenient to create stunning displays that will liven up any celebration!

Mediterranean Fan Palm, Bag of 8

These Mediterranean fan palms are perfect for decorating your place of worship for Palm Sunday! The beautiful fan palms are fresh-cut and high-quality. These fan palm fronds will create beautiful decorations for any Catholic worship service on Palm Sunday!

To keep your palms fresh and cool, you should open each box, take out three or four UNOPENED plastic bags of palms, and then close the box. If not refrigerated appropriately, heat can build up in between the plastic bags that contain the palm leaves. This will lead to the breakdown of any perishable plant material due to its exposure to high temperatures. For this reason, it's important to always ensure that air circulates all remaining plastic bags left inside boxes by taking several out at a time before closing them back up again — resulting in longer-lasting fresher palms!

Small Palm Crosses, Handmade from Fresh Palm Branches

These fresh handmade palm crosses are four to six inches in size and come in a 25-pack. They are perfect for Palm Sunday and beautifully made. Create a special atmosphere for the celebration by sharing these crosses with your community!

Pure Palm Ashes

As Lent approaches, Christians from around the world unite to expressively confess their sins and seek redemption. An essential part of this historic custom is placing a speckle of palm ashes on one's forehead as an embodiment of sincerity. This religious practice has survived for centuries and still influences millions today. To help make it easier for you, all packages of St. Jude Shop pure palm ashes include resealable bags filled with hand-selected 100% palm ashes that are triple-screened for quality assurance! Choose from amounts of 200, 500, or 1,000 bags of ashes.

Order Catholic Church Supplies from St. Jude Shop

We understand how important Palm Sunday is for Catholic churches, and that's why St. Jude Shop carries a wide selection of Catholic religious items and Catholic church supplies to make the celebration even more special. Put your trust in the top-rated church suppliers on the internet! St. Jude Shop has all of your religious goods and much more - from communion supplies to seasonal decorations for home, church, or Sunday school. If it's something you need, you can count on St. Jude Shop to supply it reliably with promptness and quality that match no other store out there! Shop our unique selection of Catholic religious items and church supplies today!

Shop Palm Sunday Supplies! 

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