St. Angela

Patron Saint: Handicapped People

Also Known as: Angela Merici

Memorial: January 27th

Canonized: 1807 by Pope Pius VII

If according to times and needs you should be obliged to make fresh rules and change current things, do it with prudence and good advice.
Saint Angela Merici is venerated by the Holy Roman Catholic Church because she became a Franciscan Tertiary at a very young age and founded the Institute of St. Ursula

Miracles: While traveling to the Holy Lands, she was suddenly blinded and completely lost her ability to see. The pilgrims traveling with her wanted to bring her home, but she refused because she still wanted to witness the Sacred Shrines with or without her sight. As she returned home, frequently praying to the Crucifix she was carrying, her sight was returned at the exact place where she lost it.