St. Alexander

Patron Saint: Philosophers

Feast Day: November 23

Prayer of St. Alexander: 

Men look upon clothes and the face, but God looks at the soul and the heart. Glorious Alexander, a charcoal-burner, was, with the charcoal-burner, the body is blackened and from soot, which water cleanses, In the sinner, the heart is darkened Which only the fire of faith can cleanse The fire of faith and the cry of repentance. It is easier to cleanse the skin of a charcoal-burner Than the blackened heart of a sinner. Alexander, with humility, covered In a cave concealed, as a hidden flame. For laughter, to the gullible world, he was. The world did not see; Alexander saw, with an acute spirit, the charcoal-burner discerned and in him, found a saint, in the dark cave, a beautiful flame, beneath the mask of insanity, great wisdom, beneath the dirty soot, a pure heart, a royal soul in decayed rags. That the light be hidden, the Lord does not permit, at the appropriate time, the light proclaims, for the benefit and salvation of men.  All is wonderful, what God judges. Amen.