St. Kevin

Saint Kevin, also known as Coemgen or Caoimhín, was an Irish saint who lived in the 6th century. He is one of the patron saints of Dublin and is closely associated with the monastery at Glendalough in County Wicklow, Ireland. Kevin is remembered for his asceticism and his deep love of nature. He is said to have lived a hermitic life, spending much of his time in prayer and contemplation in the wilderness. Kevin is also known for his kindness and compassion, especially towards animals. One famous legend tells of a blackbird that nested in his hand while he was praying, and he remained motionless until the bird's eggs hatched. Kevin's life and teachings continue to inspire people to seek God in solitude and simplicity.

Feast Day is on June 3.

Patronage: Dublin, Glendalough, and blackbirds.