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Feast Day is September 29th.

When God created the angels, they became beautiful spirits of light and love which surround His heavenly throne in great numbers. He gave them wonderful gifts of holiness, beauty, and wisdom. God wanted to test them in their love for Him before they were to enter in the glory of heaven.

One of the greatest of the angels was Lucifer, whose name means "Bearer of Light." He was proud of his power and raised his battle cry of disobedience: "I will not serve God!"

But another great archangel set up his battle cry of love and obedience. In a great battle of good versus evil, Michael and the good angels cast the bad angels into hell. In reward for his love and obedience, God made Archangel Michael prince of all the heavenly armies.

From the beginning of time, St. Michael was the leader of God's chosen people. In the New Testament, he is the guardian angel and the protector of the Catholic Church.

Also Patron of: Policemen; Knights; Paratroopers; Grocers; Those in the Military and Battle; & Radiologists.

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