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Baptism is the purification of your soul from sin. This Christian ceremony is conducted when anyone joins the Christian faith, regardless of whether you are child or an adult. Depending on the church, you will either be submerged in a body of water or have water sprinkled on your forehead during the ceremony. This is the moment that your soul is wiped clean of sin. From that moment on, as long as you are a faithful servant to God, you will forever be his immortal child. The spirit of Christ will then forever live on within you.

Dress To Impress

Being baptized is another sacred ceremony that should be celebrated in an astounding outfit. White is traditionally worn to a baptism. Regardless of whether you are baptizing your little boy or little girl, St. Jude shop has the best religious goods to make the day, one to remember. Shop our great selection of gorgeous white embroidered, ruffled, and silk gowns and bonnets for girls, and find a variety of cotton rompers, tuxedos, and other Christening outfits for boys. Once you have chosen your baptism attire, you can commemorate your experience with a statue, picture frame, medal, charm, pin, and other religious goods from the St. Jude shop.

When it is time to plan your next baptism, you can rest assured that shopping the St. Jude store online will make the process simple. Shop our large selection to find the perfect baptism outfit(s), personalized memorabilia, and other religious goods online today!


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