Framed Religious Art

The Prince Of Peace

Jesus Christ is also known as the Prince of Peace because Christ was known for bringing peace to the people in times of struggle and war. There is a painting called Prince of Peace that is very famous. It is considered to be an extremely accurate depiction of Christ. The child that painted it was an eight year old prodigy. Akiane Kramarik is the prodigy that painted the image.

Another child named Colton Burpo, had an out of body experience when he was extremely sick and went under the knife. While in surgery Colton left his body, and had a glimpse of Heaven. He said that he met Jesus and sat on his lap. He also said that he met a number of people from his extended family that he had never met before, like his sister who was miscarried before birth. This child died and went to heaven during his surgery, and then returned back to life to tell about it at only four years old. He met the Prince of Peace. Upon his return to mortality, he came across the painting created by Akiane Kramarik and confirmed the image as being a very accurate depiction of Jesus. A photo of the painting was even used in a book depicting his story called Heaven Is For Real. This touching story moved many people. It was truly a miracle. Others have also come forward about out of body experiences where they felt their soul separate from their body and visited Heaven before returning back to their mortal form.

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