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When it comes to rosaries, there are many options: fancy, plain, big, small, expensive, cheap, long, short, beads, or stones. With so many choices to make, how do you know which rosary to choose?

Deciding On The Right Rosary

Deciding on a rosary is a very personal decision. There is a lot of preference involved. You want to pick a rosary that you love, so that it will get all of the use that it deserves. First thing’s first, you will want to decide what your budget is for your rosary purchase. Rosaries can be as affordable as 16 bucks, or as expensive as 200. The price point of your rosary is completely dependent on whether or not you have expensive taste. Next, with your budget in mind, peruse through our large selection of gemstone, wooden, and beaded rosaries. Some are long while others are short, but most feature the same sterling silver Miraculous center and crucifix with rhodium plated findings. Don’t love silver? We have gold plated versions as well! We also carry rosaries that feature your favorite saint or devotions! Specific rosaries are used to make your intentions very clear every time you pray.

Rosaries Make Great Gifts

When picking a rosary for a friend or family member, you want to make sure that you take all of the same steps that you would take for yourself, while keeping that person and their preferences in mind. You can also buy a baby or a child their very first rosary! No matter who you are gifting with a rosary, you are sure to find the perfect selection online with the St. Jude shop!

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