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Church Supplies for Weddings

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What location do you envision for your Catholic wedding? In a church? Perhaps even in a cathedral? True, the traditional wedding is held in a house of worship. Still, an increasing number of couples are broadening the scope of their designs and even the location of their wedding, fusing the traditional marriage event with other elements of their heritage and lifestyle. In any case, it is critical to have the necessary church supplies to make your wedding extra special! For all of your church supply needs, contact St. Jude Shop today.

The Sacrament of Marriage

Many people outside the Catholic faith are unaware of Catholics' significance on marriage as an act of religious devotion. Matrimony is one of the Church's seven sacraments or special rites that are thought to bring members of the congregation a closer understanding of God's love. Before the ceremony, priests will frequently counsel engaged couples to ensure they have a clear account of the importance of marriage. Historically, the Church also preferred that both the bride and groom be baptized into the Catholic faith before marrying, though this rule has become laxer in recent years. To be prepared for the wedding, it is crucial to have the church supplies you need for this special occasion.

High Mass

Many Catholic couples are opting for a more glorious wedding ceremony, demanding a "full Mass." The entire Mass varies from the traditional Catholic liturgy in that it also contains the Liturgy of the Eucharist, in which the congregation receives Christ's flesh and blood. Some pious couples who have access to such occasions want to have the Mass said in Latin. While the grandeur of the language may be perplexing to the layperson, it becomes a piece of beauty in and of itself, a verbal remembrance of the new marriage's passion as well as its importance. High mass makes for an extra memorable wedding experience for all those in attendance.

Family Heritage

While the liturgy or religious service that includes the marriage ceremony remains consistent for the modern Catholic wedding, all of the other elements surrounding it are open to being updated, improved upon, or tinkered with to create the perfect aesthetic for the bride and groom. Changes may include:

  • The wedding gown
  • The wedding party lineup
  • Decorations throughout the church or wedding space
  • Any amendments or modifications to the wedding vows

Get the Church Supplies You Need

The supplies available at the St. Jude Shop vary. We offer everything your church requires to easily open your doors and welcome people who come to serve God. For almost 50 years, we have been assisting people by supplying dependable church supplies. Allow us to assist you in providing the highest quality church supplies for your churchgoer’s weddings.

For many years, our family has supplied churches with the resources they require, and we want to continue doing so for generations to come. We take pleasure in the customer care we can offer our clients and the high-quality items we have accessible. If your church is searching for dependable, high-quality products to stock up on, St. Jude Shop is the place to go. Begin shopping with us online today and get everything you're searching for and more! Please contact us if you have any questions.

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