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Requests Denied: The Order Of Matrimony Continued

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As discussed in our previous blog,many revisions were made to the Marriage Rite. These revisions can be found in the newest translation, Order For Matrimony available online at your Catholic supply store; however, there were a few revisions that many Bishops had hoped for, that were not granted by the Vatican. These passed over changes include: Liturgical procession and a litany of saints. These two changes would have been major, which is why they were passed over by the Vatican. Let's take a look at these proposed changes.

Liturgical Procession

A liturgical procession would mean that all of the participants in the wedding party would walk down the aisle as a group with the priest to an opening hymn. The priest will then kiss the altar and begin the ceremony. Traditionally at weddings held in America, Catholic or not, the wedding party will walk down the aisle individually to a song chosen by the bride and groom. The wedding party escort one another in pairs, and the bride is the final person to descend down the aisle accompanied by her father. Making this change would drastically alter the beginning of the wedding tradition as we have come to know which is why it was denied by the Vatican.

Litany Of Saints

Another proposal was the option of adding a litany of saints into the marriage ceremony script. This means that the married saints would be highlighted specifically. This is used regularly in Italy, but not so much in the states. This proposal was also rejected by the Vatican.

To learn about the revisions made to the Marriage Rite, check out the newly translated version from your online Catholic supply store, St. Jude.

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