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Resolutions of Faith for the New Year

Posted by St. Jude Shop on

The New Year is a time to acknowledge all of the opportunities that are to come in the months that follow, but it is also a time to set goals and resolutions of the advances that you’d like to meet in the year to come. When you begin to consider the resolutions that you want to make into the new year, you start by considering the parts of your life that you want to see development and growth in, and from there you can begin to zero in on exact goals to make. At St. Jude Shop, we have been able to provide a part of various events and moments that contribute to growth in one’s faith. That is why we suggest, and pray, that you consider including resolutions of faith in your list of New Year’s resolutions.

For some, it’s easy to create a list of things that can help work and build your faith to become something more magnificent than it already is.

Serve More

One of God’s greatest callings for us is to serve. Whether you are simply serving in your church or you are serving in the community, this is a calling that we all have and it’s necessary that we follow through with it. This is a resolution that we love suggesting because it is rewarding on both ends of the resolution. Regardless of where you are serving, your mission is to provide something that someone else can’t. For instance, serving at a soup kitchen or on a mission trip provides those in need with services that they may not be able to achieve on their own. This selfless act is something that will truly provide both parties with a rewarding experience.

We suggest increasing the amount of times that you are serving, regardless of where it is. If you are currently serving one time a year, try and increase it to at least two. Also, recognize the more subtle opportunities that you are able to serve the Lord, even if it isn’t something as grand as traveling across the world.

Personal Time With the Lord

One of the benefits of a strong faith is that you have the community to help you when you need people to raise you up, and it’s impossible to deny the strength and support that comes with a great group of individuals as faithful as you are. While this is incredibly nice, it’s important that you spend time working on your relationship with God alone, too. Whether or not you are spending it at home, at a church or in nature, you can gain a lot from personal time with the Lord. Whether you spend this time praying or you spend this time speaking with God about your day and building the relationship that is so precious, the results from this effort are easily seen as you continue to develop this relationship and grow with God. One of our favorite ways to spend one on one time with our heavenly Father is through adoration, which leads us to our next resolution worth making.

Partake and Enjoy the Holy Sacraments

One of the most rewarding parts of being Catholic is that we get to enjoy the sacraments. A sacrament that we work hard to receive is communion. When the son of our God, Jesus Christ, sacrificed his life for us, we became children of God. This sacrament is one that speaks to our faith and our relationship with God on a variety of levels. Some of the resolutions that we have seen when it comes to the sacraments have been learning more about each of the sacraments throughout the year so that they can be indulged as they were intended to be. Whether it be through going to confession before communion or through spending time on a regular basis attending adoration, these sacraments and a thorough understanding of them will create a stronger bond in your faith and allow for you to feel more confident in your relationship with the Lord.

Pray More

Praying is one of the dominant ways that we communicate with God, but when life gets busy it can wind up on the back burner. From another point of view, there are times that we only focus on the things that we are needing in our lives, rather than the things that we are thankful for. When you make it a goal to pray more than one time a day, you find that you begin to focus on different areas of your life rather than simply asking God for the areas of your life that you find are lacking.

Drawing focus to your faith is something that will provide you with countless rewards in this year, and in the years that follow. Whether it is your faith that you are focused on, those of a youth ministry group that you lead, or that of a family member or friend, you can find the supplies to make it all possible when you browse the selection of materials at St. Jude Shop. Our religious goods are perfect for all types of ceremonies, sacraments and they make incredible gifts, so shop online today!

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