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What You Can Learn From The Holy Family

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The Holy Family is the family that you can model your own after. That’s right, you shouldn’t model your family after the “perfect” family on social media or the ones you see on television shows. Instead, take lessons from the Holy Family to help your family continue to learn and grow in their faith. In today’s blog, we will cover some things you can learn from the Holy Family, as well as come church supplies you can purchase for your home as a daily reminder.


Much like you and your family are faithful to God, so was the Holy Family. They were wholeheartedly devoted to our Lord and Savior, and followed their vocations at all times. Mary didn’t run in fear when the angel informed her that she would give birth to the Savior of the world. Instead, she immediately said, “yes” and devoted her life to care for Jesus. Similarly, Joseph remained dedicated to God’s plan and provided for his family as best as he could while protecting them from harm’s way. As for Jesus, we know his love and faithfulness to his heavenly Father was unwavering at all moments. As a result, he granted us the ability to to share an eternal life with him.

The lesson we can all take from being faithful to our families and faith is to never back down or lose sight of what our greater mission is. Through hardships, ridicule, temptations, and more, as long as we remain faithful to our families and our Savior, we will live an eternal life together.


Love surrounds us each and every day in our homes because God loves each and every one of us unconditionally. When it comes to the Holy Family, their love for God strengthened their love for one another. From love comes obedience and acceptance, which Saint Joseph, Virgin Mary, and Jesus all demonstrated. Mary accepted God’s plan to be Jesus’ mother, Joseph accepted God’s plan to foster Jesus and welcome Mary into his home, and Jesus accepted the will of his Father which ultimately led to his death. They used their unwavering love of God to hold themselves responsible for the task set before them, much like we can do in our households. If we let love be the guiding light throughout our daily lives, we can stay focused on God’s greater plan and treat not only our families with respect and compassion, but all of those that cross our paths.


Forgiveness is a challenging concept for all of us. It’s hard to find forgiveness when you have been hurt or betrayed by someone that you trust. However, the Holy Family shows us how to forgive. As a matter of fact, forgiveness actually helps lead us to love. For example, Jesus was constantly judged, ridiculed, and criticized, but he never once said a word to defend himself against those that were hurting him. Instead, he chose to forgive them, even those that put him to death. In doing this, he showed his unconditional love to his Father. Apply this to your daily life and choose love and forgiveness over anger and hate.

Daily Reminders For Your Home

Sometimes, we need reminders around us to keep us on track and reiterate our greater purpose. St. Jude Shop has all of the reminders and church supplies you could need for your home to have a constant reminder of your faith. From wall reliefs to candlemas candles and everything in between, we have the Catholic church supplies you want for your home to express your faith day in and day out.

Find Ways To Show Love, Forgiveness, and Faith Each Day

There are endless lessons we can learn from the Holy Family. They truly are the model family that we should be looking up to and modeling our own after. From strong faith, unconditional love, and a dedication to forgiveness, we can show our Lord and Savior that we are completely dedicated to living our lives for them. Shop our online store to purchase church supplies for your home to have a constant reminder in your home of what the Holy Family resembles.


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