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Why Have Crosses and Crucifixes in the Home?

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It has been a long-standing tradition in Christianity to display religious goods such as crosses and crucifixes in church sanctuaries and Catholic homes. It is a representation of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for us. It is a reminder that our freedom comes with a hefty price and sacrifice, because nothing in life is free. The best way to be constantly reminded of this faith and what all; God has done for us is to keep these religious items close, and St. Jude Shop can help you do just that. Learn more about why you should display these symbols and shop our inventory now!

Reminder of Christ’s Redemptive Sacrifice

Hanging a crucifix in your home is a constant way to remind yourself that the Lord Jesus Christ died for your sins. If you are having a bad day, or are getting down on yourself, it is a good way to remind yourself that you were created in God’s image and that God has a unique plan for you and your life. It is a way to remember that you are in God’s graces and that everything will be alright.

Guard Against Evil

The St. Benedict’s Crucifix is known to be used to ward off evil spirits. It is meant to be hung above doorways and some even seal these crucifixes into the foundation of their houses. Any doorway in which the cross is hung above is a threshold that evil spirits cannot cross. It is intended to be a constant silent prayer asking for the guidance of Christ and aversion of the devil and any other lurking spirits.

Teaching Children About Christian Faith

Hanging crosses and crucifixes at home can provide a powerful visual reminder of Christianity and its values for children. These religious symbols serve as constant visual cues, sparking curiosity and prompting questions about their meaning. As children observe and inquire about the cross or crucifix, parents and guardians have opportunities to engage them in discussions about the life of Jesus, his sacrifice, and the importance of faith. Foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the faith with inspirational artwork available from our online Catholic shop!

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