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Categories for Church Supplies


Advent & Christmas

Advent Wreaths & Candles, Nativities for the Church


Statuary For The Church

Crucifixes, Statues, Symbols, Stations of the Cross, Wall Crosses



Marble, Wood, Acrylic, Altars, Baptismal Fonts, Lecterns, Chairs, Seating, Prie Dieu, Hymn Boards, Sacristy Cabinets, Etc. 



Tabernacles, Monstrance, Sanctuary Sets, Processional Crucifixes, Candlesticks, Holy Water Fonts, Censers, Etc. 


Candles & Miscellaneous

Incense, Candle Supplies, Candles, Votive Stands, Sacristy Supplies, Collection Baskets, Etc. 


Clergy Apparel

Albs, Cassocks, Surplices, Choir Gowns, Liturgical Stoles, Cinctures & Accessories, Clergy Apparel, Paraments, Women's Albs


Vestments & Textiles

Banners, Banner Stands, Chasubles, Copes & Humeral Veils, Copes, Dalmatics, Fiddle Backs, Funeral Palls, Linens, Stoles, Tapestries, Lectern 


Sacred Vessels

Chalices, Ciboria, Communion Sets & Mass Kits, Ewers & Basins, Glassware, Pyx, Intinction Sets, Patens, Polishers & Cleaners, Burses


Liturgical Books & Missals

Book of Gospels, Liturgical Books, Missals, Annual Publications, Liturgical Book Covers & Missal Stands, Roman Missals, Calendars, Etc. 


Palm & Ashes

Ash Dispensers & Ablution Cups


Ministry & Parish Resources

Bulletin Covers & Offering Envelopes, Certificates, Church Seal Presses, Mass Cards, Ministry/Annual Liturgical Resources & Calendars, Registers

For close to 50 years, the DiCocco Family's St. Jude Shop, has been providing high quality Church supplies and items for Liturgical celebrations.  With our qualified staff of artists, designers, craftsmen, and fabricators, we have been privileged to serve Basilicas, Cathedrals, Shrines, Parish Churches, Chapels, Convents, schools, and military bases -- assisting church ministers and parish priests to even the Holy Father in Rome.  Our clients include Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and her Missionaries of Charity, Mother Angelica of EWTN, as well as numerous church and political leaders across the country.  We provide excellent metalware and glassware, including Tabernacles, Chalices, Ciboria, Cruet Sets, and Pyxes.  Our finest woodwork collections are evident across our collections of Altars, Pulpits, Presider Chairs, and other altar appointments and furniture. The intricate design and quality of our albs, vestments, and dalmatics come straight from the USA, Italy, and Belgium.  Our statuary can be found in every state in America, varying in both size and material, such as bronze metal, wood carved, fiberglass, and marble.  Our team of caring, experienced personnel is ready for your specific questions and proud to help and assist with your requests.

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