Altar Bread, Whole Wheat Specials 1 1/2"D,

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 1-1/2" Whole Wheat Altar Bread ~ Jerusalem Cross, Maltese Cross, and the Lamb. Select 500 per container or Carton of 500 Container ~ 20,000-carton. Cavanagh bread is produced in the United States in an exceptionally clean and modern automated facility. The bread is sealed minutes after baking and is untouched by human hands. The packaging is far superior to all other forms and includes boxes, bags, and our resealable plastic container. 


  • Made of pure wheat flour and water

  • Produced in full accordance with Canon Law

  • No additives

  • No-crumble edges

  • Clear cross embossing

  • Excellent taste

  • All packages are sealed to ensure freshness and hosts are untouched by human hands