St Patrick Range Vigil Stands, 68 Pc Unit

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St Patrick Range/68
$200.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
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The St. Patrick's range has been designed for the busier/larger Churches and Cathedrals. These units are designed to maximize the burning capacity required for these locations. The 68pc is an ideal unit to facilitate this yet, it doesn’t take up a huge amount of floor space. Available in Black or Gold. Four boxes of candles, FREE with each stand!


D: 59cm / 23½
H: 107cm / 42½”
W: 72cm / 28½”




No more smoke or soot damage


No more plastic or aluminum cups


No more unprotected flames


Environmentally friendly


No more wax spillage on the floors


Revenue generator


Low maintenance


Lifetime guarantee


Self-extinguishing candle