Christ Victorious Beeswax Paschal Candle

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Celebrate Easter in a truly special way with the Christ Victorious Beeswax Paschal Candle from St. Jude Shop. Handcrafted in the USA using premium 51% beeswax, this candle offers a long-lasting and clean-burning experience. Its gorgeous Christ Victorious design makes it a stunning centerpiece for your home during the Easter season. The hand-cast wax appliques, infused with rich colors, add an intricate touch to the overall design. Lighting this candle on Easter morning symbolizes the resurrection of Christ, bringing hope and joy to all who gather around it. Shop our paschal candles today! 



  • Made with 51% Beeswax, a traditional and high-quality material known for its clean and long-lasting burn

  • Hand-decorated with precise artistry, adding a touch of elegance and spiritual significance

  • Wax appliques are cast by hand, ensuring each candle is unique and showcasing intricate designs

  • A time-tested applique process guarantees durability and long-lasting beauty


At St. Jude Shop, we are dedicated to providing high-quality religious products that inspire and enrich the faith of our customers. Our mission is to spread the message of Christ through our products, and our Christ Victorious Beeswax Paschal Candle is no exception. Let this candle be a reminder of God's victory over death and a symbol of hope in your church this Easter season.




  • 51% Beeswax

  • Handcrafted in the USA