Paschal Candle Nails

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Product Description: 

Our Ornamental Paschal Candle Nails with incense embedded are the ideal choice for those looking to enhance the beauty and symbolism of their Paschal candle. These exquisite nails are available in both red and white, providing the perfect options to complement your candle's design. Each package contains five nails, ensuring that you have enough to adorn your candle with a touch of elegance and sophistication. These intricately designed nails are sure to catch the eye and add a special touch to your Paschal candle. Elevate the overall presentation of your candle and create a truly memorable experience with our Ornamental Paschal Candle Nails.


  • Ornamental Design: These Paschal Candle Nails are designed to enhance the visual appeal of your candle, adding a touch of elegance and symbolism to your Paschal celebrations.

  • Incense Embedded: Imbued with the subtle scent of incense, these nails create a sensory experience that further elevates the solemnity of your religious ceremonies.

  • Two Color Options: Choose between red or white nails to complement the color scheme of your candle and overall decor.

  • Package of Five: Each set includes five Paschal Candle Nails, allowing you to fully decorate your candle with ease and precision.

Our Paschal Candle Nails are a must-have addition to any candle during the Paschal season. Not only do they create a captivating visual effect, but they also infuse the air with the sacred scent of incense. These nails serve as a powerful reminder of the rich symbolism and tradition of the Paschal season. As you light your candle and watch the flickering flame, the Paschal Candle Nails will enhance the entire experience, bringing a deeper level of meaning and significance.


  • Height: 1.625 inches

  • Width: 2.375 inches

  • Depth: 0.938 inches