The Way of the Cross Altar Candles

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The Way of the Cross Altar Candles
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At St. Jude Shop, we provide beautiful and authentic Catholic altar items that help deepen your connection to the divine. We are proud to offer The Way of the Cross Altar Candles, which give you a huge opportunity to deepen your faith and spiritual journey.


  • Elegantly designed

  • Long-lasting wax

  • Accentuates other altar items

The Way of the Cross Altar Candles are designed to transport you to a sacred place of devotion and divine grace. The blazing flame is symbolic of our prayers rising up to God. Just as the flame jumps and flickers, so does our devotion, dancing with reckless love towards the Almighty. The symbolism of lit altar candles runs far deeper than mere decoration. Here, the beeswax signifies His body, the wick His soul, and the flame His divinity. When you light them up, you experience deep spiritual fulfillment, which is at the heart of our human experience.


  • Sizes: 1.5” x 17” | 2” x 17” | 2.5” x 12” | 3” x 12”

  • 51% Beeswax