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Protect your valuable religious items with our Solid Transparent Vinyl Vestment Covers. Made of solid transparent vinyl, these covers feature a zipper from top to bottom for easy access and protection from dust and dirt. The edges are finished with ribbons for added durability. Please supply your Institution’s Federal ID # to avoid an import tax. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery if the item is not in stock.


  • Solid transparent vinyl material

  • Zipper from top to bottom

  • Finished with ribbons for added durability

  • Available in two sizes

The Solid Transparent Vinyl Vestment Covers offer reliable protection for your religious items, ensuring their longevity. The covers are made from a high-quality vinyl material that is both easy to clean and transparent, allowing you to easily locate your items without having to remove the cover.


  • Material: Solid transparent vinyl

  • Sizes: Width 33", length 58-1/4" or 33" with 67-5/16" length

  • Design: Zipper from top to bottom, finished with ribbons on all edges