Prie Dieu-53

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The Prie Dieu from St. Jude Shop is a beautifully crafted piece of church furniture designed to aid in prayer and contemplation. Its name, meaning "pray [to] God" in French, reflects its purpose as a tool for Catholic worship and devotion. Traditionally, the Prie Dieu is used to kneel upon while praying, allowing for a comfortable posture and a focused mindset. This particular Prie Dieu from St. Jude Shop is made with high-quality wood and upholstery, ensuring both durability and comfort during extended prayer sessions. Add it to your church today!


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  • Comfortable Kneeling Pad

Whether used in private devotions or during Mass, the Prie Dieu from St. Jude Shop is a valuable tool for Catholics looking to enhance their prayer experience and strengthen their relationship with God.


  • 32" Height
  • 22" Width
  • 21" Depth