Acrylic Lectern-3320

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This stylish acrylic lectern is perfect for any church setting. Its 48” height, 24” width, and 20” depth dimensions provide ample space for presenting materials or preaching. The lectern is constructed with a ¾” wood or ½” acrylic top, ½” acrylic base, and ½” acrylic pedestal. This lectern is designed to be durable and long-lasting, making it the perfect addition to any church. With its sleek and modern design, this acrylic lectern from St. Jude Shop will be sure to make an impression and elevate your church's look. Order yours today! 




  • Lectern with 3/4" Wood or 1/2" Acrylic top


This Acrylic Lectern from St. Jude Shop is the perfect addition to any church, classroom, or presentation space. With its classic and timeless look, this lectern will provide years of use and beauty. Whether you need a lectern for an upcoming sermon or lecture, this Acrylic Lectern from St. Jude Shop is sure to be the perfect choice.




  • Dimensions: 48" height, 24" width, 20" depth

  • Base: 1/2" acrylic

  • Pedestal: 1/2" acrylic