Domed Catholic Tabernacle

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Looking for a stunning and unique brass sanctuary lamp? Check out the amazing selection at St. Jude Shop! Our lamps are made from solid brass with a high polished finish, and they're perfect for any sacred space. At 7.75" tall and 5" wide, they're the perfect size to add a touch of elegance to any church service. So don't wait any longer, order your brass sanctuary lamp (not including glass) today!


  • White silk lining

  • Oven-baked finish

  • Supplied with two keys

A high-polish accent finish provides not only style but also comfort knowing this powerful object has been crafted using skills learned over many generations past. White silk lining ensures nothing can get lost within its depths, and two keys are included alongside fancy ones available at extra cost if desired. The perfect carrying case must be strong enough to protect its contents, and the Domed Catholic Tabernacle does not disappoint. Order yours now and rest assured your Eucharist is in good hands!


  • Measurements: 34"H x 19"D