Meredith's Gift by Joellyn Cicciarelli

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Meredith's Gift by Joellyn Cicciarelli, 0829451870
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What would you do when your world is turned upside down? Everyone admires Meredith--the outgoing, confident, and gifted star of her school's basketball team. But when her life takes an unexpected turn, Meredith fears she's lost everything she worked so hard for. . . and then, with the help of her family, coach, and friends, Meredith learns how to overcome her challenges and discovers a brave new way to share her gift with the world. Beautifully illustrated and filled with wit and wisdom, Meredith's Gift is a perfect story for parents, children, and siblings to read together. Tenacious Meredith will inspire kids everywhere to respond positively to change, embrace it, and learn how it can bring out the best in all of us