Why Do Catholics Do That?

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Author ~ Kevin Orlin Johnson.  Why Do Catholics Do That?, blends religious history and a deep appreciation for art with an enlightened reverence for tradition. This is the definitive resource for all who wish to better understand the rituals and symbols of the Catholic faith.
How the Church Makes Laws 
The Hard-Fought Genesis of the New Testament
The Cycle of Redemption
A Short Guide to the Meaning and Structure of the Mass 
Decoding Symbols of Scripture and the Sacraments
The Calendar as the Image of Christ's Life
The Rosary
The Stations of the Cross
Monks, Nuns, and the Rules that Guide Them
The Pope
The Laity in the Modern World
Fatima, Lourdes, and the Story of Apparitions 
The Vatican: A Holy City
The Sign of the Cross, Christianity's Best-Known Symbol
Candles in Prayer and Liturgy
The Meaning of the Nativity Scene