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Palm Sunday


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Palm Sunday falls on the sixth Sunday of Lent and the last Sunday before Easter. This day is a Christian tradition that commemorates Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem. On this day, Jesus rode in on a donkey to be greeted by an excited crowd. The crowd hailed him as the Messiah and laid palm branches and cloaks along the path.

"Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest heaven!"

Palm Sunday is the first day of Holy Week, which is the most important week in the Christian calendar. This week focuses on Jesus’s last days before his death and resurrection. Most Christian denominations observe Palm Sunday, which is also commonly called Passion Sunday, Willow Sunday, and Flower Sunday.

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The Purpose

The palm branches used to cover the road as Jesus rode through Jerusalem were from date palms. Date palms were large trees that abundantly grew in the Holy Land. In ancient times, these palm branches were symbolic and represented goodness, grandeur, well-being, and victory. These branches were thought of as tokens of joy and triumph. Kings and conquerors were often welcomed with palm branches waved in the air and laid before them. When Jesus rode into Jerusalem, the people saw him as a potential political leader.

In the Christian religion, these palm branches represent Jesus’s final victory, as he would soon be crucified. While Jesus was riding into Jerusalem on the donkey, he wept because he knew that these same people who were celebrating him would turn on him and betray him. He knew they needed a savior.

How They Are Used Today

Nearly all Christian denominations observe Palm Sunday — many of which incorporate palm branches in their services. Many churches pass out branches to worshipers. These branches are waved in procession, blessed, and may be made into small crosses with palm fronds.

During the Palm Sunday service, the congregation remembers the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross and gives him praise for salvation. This marks the beginning of Holy Week and leads up to the most important Christian holiday — Easter.

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