Edith Stein, A Spiritual Portrait

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Her words echo to us in the twenty-first century: "Today, I stood with you beneath the cross."

St. Edith Stein's relationship with God made possible her greatest achievements-her ability to stun crowded lecture halls with her academic prowess to remaining a source of hope within the confines of a Nazi concentration camp. Born into a Jewish family, at an early age Stein chose to become an atheist. Going on to achieve scholarly success in the field of philosophy, she battles a harassing spiritual void, finding peace once she embraced the Catholic faith.

In this latest portrait of Edith Stein, she continues to carry divine life to the current generation, inviting readers to know and emulate her saving grace: her spirituality. Author Dianne Traflet explores its three pillars: the Eucharist, which enabled her to receive and extend God's love; the Blessed Mother, who taught her to obey the call to serve; and the cross, which gave her the courage to live Christ's example, suffering to save other, even to the point of death. The result is a biography that is both an inspiration and a spiritual journey.