Build An Outdoor Nativity Set with St. Jude Shop

The arrival of Advent and the soon-to-be-here Christmas holiday means it’s time to start thinking about your home’s or church’s celebratory decorations. One popular piece that continues to be a favorite of persons across the United States is the outdoor nativity scene, featuring critical members of the Christmas Story. With several different figures to include— including Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and the Three Wisemen — there is an endless number of possibilities when it comes to creating your personalized outdoor nativity set. St. Jude Shop is the online Catholic store you can trust to provide countless options for large, colorful, and durable outdoor nativity scenes so you can fully celebrate the Christmas season.

Read through our best advice below to put together a display that you can be proud of. Both full, multi-piece sets and individual pieces are available from our St. Jude Shop collection and can be browsed online now through our religious store website. Choose whichever best suits your needs and trust our outdoor nativity sets to last you for many years to come!

Choose A Whole Outdoor Nativity Set or Individual Pieces

The ultimate question when it comes to creating your own Christmas outdoor nativity scene — or replacing your old one that is worn out or damaged — is choosing which avenue you’d like to pursue. As mentioned above, our St. Jude Shop religious store offers outdoor nativity sets with multiple pieces and individual figurines so you can use your own imagination when creating your display.

If you’ve decided choosing a pre-organized, curated outdoor nativity set is best for your needs, it’s important to think about the type of aesthetic you’re looking for. The 12-Piece Large Yard Nativity Scene and Heaven's Majesty sets include bold, vivid colors decorating every member of the iconic Christmas scene. Full-color, hand painted, and created with durable fiberglass-resin, these outdoor nativity sets are perfect for getting into the spirit of the season. However, several other sets are available from our Catholic store so you can choose the right large-scale nativity scene. The Life-Size Outdoor Nativity Set and Outdoor Nativity Set for Church or Home alo features all the key players but have slightly different colors and measurements so you can find one that fits!

On the other hand, if you’ve decided to do a little DIY and create your one unique outdoor nativity scene, St. Jude Shop has several individual figures and smaller sets for your display. The Holy Family Church Nativity Set for example includes Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus only — in either fiberglass or Lindenwood — but several individual figures are available online now; these include the Infant Jesus, animals, shepherd, angel, and more.

Ensure Your Include All the Outdoor Nativity Scene Figures

After this first step of the process is out of the way, our St. Jude Shop online religious store recommends making sure you include everyone you need for your outdoor nativity set. Whether this involves supplementing your existing outdoor nativity scene with the newer models offered on our website or completely starting from scratch, we have all the figures you need to make a customized elaborate display.

Our collection, as mentioned above, includes every member of the Holy Family, along with several other key figures in the Christmas Story. The Three Kings Nativity Set has got you covered if you don’t already have them and there are several other figures to choose from, including the Gloria Angel, Shepherd Boy With Lamb, and the Fontanini Jareth Drummer Boy. Life-size figures of little girls and boys, shepherds, and others are also available so you can have an outdoor nativity scene that is totally your own!

Add On Animals As You See Fit

Don’t forget about the animals when creating your personalized home or church outdoor nativity set! Our Catholic store supplies several life-sized animal pieces to decorate the area of your outdoor nativity scene that’s away from the Holy Family and the Three Wisemen. Choose from our Heaven’s Majesty Nativity Lambs, Fontanini Nativity Ox, and Nativity Set Camel, and pick your preferred size and materials. Browse all our other available animals now!

No matter what you have in mind for your outdoor nativity scene, St. Jude Shop has exactly what you need! Both our pre-selected outdoor nativity sets and individual figures are durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use and are perfect for helping you celebrate Christmas! Shop for yourself online now!

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