Celebrate the Meaning of Advent

Are you someone who celebrates the coming of Jesus? If so, then Advent is an important time of the year for you to take part in. This season is meant to celebrate and recognize what Advent really means, which is what St. Jude Shop is all about. Advent signifies the arrival or coming, and is commonly observed in the Christian religion from late November after Thanksgiving through late December. God should be celebrated during this time and in the process, your faithfulness shall stand strong and unbreakable. If you’re looking to show your spirit of Advent, you need St. Jude Shop’s online religious store. We have many great religious goods, church supplies, outdoor nativity scenes, and more, including Advent wreaths that you could use to remind not only yourself of Advent, but others around you. While there are a variety of ways to celebrate the Advent season — including chocolate-filled calendars as a countdown to Christmas — our Catholic store can help you find the perfect traditional wreaths, candlesticks, and other supplies.

Each family is unique, which means everyone has their own unique way of celebrating the Advent season and the arrival, or coming, of Christ. Not everyone loves the traditional tall candlesticks for their Advent wreath, and that is why we carry a variety of them here at St. Jude Shop. Our religious store’s online collection of Advent wreaths, candles, and other holders allows you to create the perfect display to celebrate on your own or with loved ones. Those of you who are interested in a gold, decorative candle holder, our Advent Candle Holder is perfect for holding tall multi-colored candles — this pairs perfectly with our Advent Candle Tapers as well. However, if you’re interested in a more intricate display, St. Jude Shop also offers the Arch Nativity Advent Wreath and the Holy Family Advent Papercut Style Candle Holder. These selections also allow you to use your preferred candles while also showcasing the Holy Family.

Parents and older family members can also get the children involved in Advent and have them celebrate in their own unique ways! Our Catholic store offers a Children’s Fabric Advent Wreath, made from soft fabric and featuring velcro removable candles. This is ideal for teaching a young loved one about the meaning of this celebration ahead of the Christmas celebrations. However, St. Jude Shop also offers everything you need to create an Advent display that doesn’t use real candles, including the 12" Floral Metal Advent Wreath Ring and several options for LED lights.

No matter what you choose from St. Jude Shop, you can rest assured we have high-quality selections from our seasonal Advent & Christmas category. View all of our Advent wreaths online now and give yourself happiness with the religious goods we have!