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Choosing The Best Rosary For You or a Friend

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The perfect religious good for anyone on your list is a beautiful new rosary. The St. Jude Shop carries a wide array of rosaries with varying crystals, pearls, wooden beads, glass beads, and other stones ranging from $16- $200. Whether those on your list have been naughty or nice, there is a rosary within our range for them. It is important to have a rosary that you like because you will be more likely to use it!

Rosary means “crown of roses.” It is symbolic of both the Christian and the Catholic faiths and is most commonly associated with the Virgin Mary. The rosary is used in a series of prayers that are repeated like a mantra. There are six pre-determined prayers that are generally used with the rosary: The Apostles’ Creed, The Our Father, The Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father, The Fatima Prayer, The Hail, and Holy Queen.

The concrete decision of choosing a rosary

Picking the perfect rosary takes a lot of consideration. First, you have to decide between a long rosary and a short rosary. Short rosaries are usually corded instead of links and generally do not have spacing between the beads, while longer rosaries have linking between all of the beads making it easier to distinguish each bead as you go without having to look down at your rosary. However, the longer rosaries can be easily tangled, so it is good to have a designated place to store it to prevent it from getting tangled. Once you have decided on the length of your rosary, you then have to choose which beads or stones you would like. Smooth beads run through the fingers with ease during prayer and generally come in neutral colors. These are considered a basic rosary. On the other hand, a fancy rosary with faceted beads offer a more aesthetically pleasing appeal, but these materials don’t glide through the fingers quite as effortlessly.

Reasoning behind the rosary

When picking out religious goods, most people stick to the basics, like a regular rosary. However, if you have a saint or specific devotion that really speaks to you, you can choose a rosary that embodies that devotion or saint. Specific rosaries are used to make your intentions clear each and every time that you pray.

Tips for gifting a rosary

All of the previous points are good to keep in mind when choosing to give a religious good such as a rosary as a gift. If you are buying for a man, we recommend that you choose a rosary with plain black or brown smooth beads. If you are buying for a woman, your best bet would be one with pearls or crystals- something beautiful that she can be proud of. Looking to get a child or baby his or her first rosary? Check out the St. Jude Shop online for a great selection of both adult and child rosaries! Shop now for the best selection of plain and glamorous rosaries; you are sure to find one suited for everyone on your list, or pick one up for yourself!

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