Church Supplies for the Summer

If you've ever worked in a church, you're aware that attendance drops during the summer. Families take vacations, participate in summer sports, and perhaps take a Sunday or two off to enjoy the beautiful weather together. Help families enjoy the time they spend together at your church and make it a part of their year-round routine by taking this time to replenish your Catholic church supplies.

Stock Up On Supplies

Don't get caught without the necessary supplies. Make sure you have enough altar bread, incense, communion supplies, and everything else for everyone who walks through your doors this Sunday. St. Jude Shop will assist you in obtaining what you require at an affordable price! We understand the importance of having good quality Catholic church supplies on hand for your church's members, and we also know that you are watching your budget. We can assist with both.

Prepare for the Year Ahead

Look through our online store to see what we have to offer. Our selection and pricing will astound you. We also offer bulk discount pricing, so if you want to stock up on supplies for the entire year at once, you can save even more. After that, you won't have to worry about reordering for months! This frees you up to focus on other important tasks at your church. Place your order today, and we'll have it shipped to you as soon as possible!

Invest In The Essentials

A well-stocked and organized church supply closet necessitates far more than extra prayer books. Religious gatherings and structured worship are all about community, and focusing on hospitality is one of the best ways to foster a strong sense of togetherness.

Hospitality is defined by comfortable surroundings; a sense of belonging; and warm, smiling, welcoming faces. People will not attend services if they do not feel welcome. This is detrimental to your organization's efforts to attract new members, and ignoring hospitality concerns can lead to the loss of even long-term churchgoers.

As crucial as greetings are, hospitality entails more than just smiles and handshakes. Being ready to welcome new members and visitors entails anticipating and covering all potential supply needs for your organization and its various activities. A well-organized supply closet should include the following items:

  • Worship aids. Check that you have enough prayer and songbooks, liturgical calendars, and community bulletins.
  • Lighters, candles, and candleholders. There's no getting around it: religious candles are expensive, messy, and fragile. St. Jude Shop provides affordable church supplies without sacrificing quality.
  • Statues and icons. Various items with specific meaning and reverence may be included in services and worship, and we have a large selection to choose from.
  • Tablecloths and liturgical garments. Certain days in the liturgical or worship calendar may necessitate different colors and fabrics for robes and altar settings.
  • Name tags and writing supplies. Pens and paper are frequently required in group settings. Simple legal pads and a pen supply will suffice for study groups and list-making.

Be Prepared With The Best Church Supplies

A well-stocked and organized church closet is an often overlooked but critical component in creating an optimal environment for community worship and positive experiences for your group.

Put your faith in the best online church suppliers! All of your religious goods and more can be found at St. Jude Shop. We have what it takes to provide you with everything you need for your home, church, or Sunday school, from communion supplies to holiday decorations. You can count on St. Jude Shop to provide you with whatever you require. Get all the church supplies you need this summer and prepare for the whole year. Contact St. Jude Shop today!