Countdown To Christmas With This Interactive Calendar!

It’s hard to contain our excitement for Christmas, the day our Savior was born. This year, Advent begins on November 29, four weeks and a few days before Christmas Eve. We invite you and your family to celebrate Advent this year by counting the days with a Countdown to Christmas Calendar.

Advent is a time of excitement and preparation for Christ’s coming. It is a season of joy, love, giving, and expectation. Children get very excited during this time of year as we wait. It’s a wonderful time of the year. Like many special events, there is much anticipation. We are anticipating Christ’s birth and the nativity on Christmas Day, celebrated on the 25th of December. You can build anticipation in your home using the Countdown to Christmas Calendar.

This beautiful tree is made from wood and magnets. Each day you and your children can place one ornament on the tree, counting down to Jesus’ birthday. Not only are you heeding the daily question, “How many days until Christmas?” but you are decorating your home to fully prepare it to welcome the Lord. All too frequently we find ourselves rushing through the holiday season without enough time to prepare. The daily countdown gives you a reminder of the time you have this season. This way it won’t pass you by.

The holidays are magical. Christmas is magical. It’s a miracle that Jesus was born to Mary and David. Share in the Christmas miracle this year with an interactive Christmas tree, and don’t let the season pass you by!

Get your Countdown to Christmas Calendar here!