Finding The Perfect Baptism Gift

You have been invited to a baptism this Saturday. The last baptism that you attended was over ten years ago, and you are sure that things have changed since then. You know the gist of what to expect from the ceremony and are excited to see some friends that you haven't seen in awhile. Ella, their daughter, is five. She is the one who is getting baptised. Her parents were two of your great friends when you were younger. You grew up in the Catholic church together and were in attendance at each other's personal baptisms as well. You want to find Emma the best baptism gift, but you aren’t sure what to buy. Lucky for your, your online Catholic supply store has an array of baptism gifts to choose from for both girls and boys. Let's take a look at some cool baptism gifts that you can find online at the St. Jude Shop, your Catholic supply store.

Willow Tree Figurines

Willow tree figurines are simple, yet beautiful. They tell a story about your family and about your child. These figurines are the perfect decor, and will last for years to come. For a baby baptism, we recommend the Willow Tree Our Gift figurine. This portrayal of a family gathering is the perfect enchanting gift for both parents and babies.

Religious Night Lights

For a child who enjoys interacting, shop the religious goods at St. Jude’s online shop for our animal-themed night lights. One of our personal favorites is the God Created Everything night light. This cross-shaped night light in covered in happy animals, and reads “God created everything, butterflies and birds that sing. The sun and stars and the sky of blue. But best of all, created you!”

For more baptism gift ideas. Shop religious goods online at the St. Jude Shop!