Finding The Perfect Gift For A Baptism: Part 2

In our last blog we looked at some popular baptism gifts, with so many great religious goods available online from St. Jude Shop, we are going to continue the conversation about baptism gifts today. You want to make sure that you find the perfect baptism gift for the little boy or little girl in your life, and St. Jude is here to help with a wide variety of religious goods for all of your gifting needs.

Baby Rosary

You are never too young to be given your very first rosary. Get your baby’s collection started with our Baby Rosary in Bassinet.This porcelain bassinet box portrays a child in a bassinet, and is available for both boys and girls. Inside the box, you will find either a blue or pink rosary for the child. St.Jude also has a Baby Rosary Bracelet, and Baby Bar Pins that can be engraved! The perfect gift for any little girl’s baptism.

Baptism Bears

For something huggable, check out Baptism Holy Bears. These sweet bears are nine inches tall and are available in pink, blue, and white, so they can be gifted to either sex. These adorable stuffed bears have a baptismal shell on their chest and are holding a bear-sized Holy Bible.

Childrens Bible

There are many bibles that are specifically designed for children. These bibles use pictures, and translated versions that are easy for younger children to understand. Give a My Take-Along Bible to the toddler who is being baptized. This bible is full of colorful photos and even has a carry handle.