When it comes to donating, churches tend to have a pretty good grasp. Many people prepare weekly donations and are prepared for sitting in church and the collection baskets make their rounds.

It’s unfortunately true that many churches cannot financially thrive without additional fundraising. There are so many church supplies, charities and parish families that need fiscal support. While we try and make our church supplies affordable, we know everyone loves some new, fun fundraising ideas.

Personal Wake Up Calls

As you’re planning your next retreat, think up some creative ways to wake people up. Much like Disney World with Mickey Mouse calling to start your day, you can charge different amounts for different styles. Are you a light sleeper and would like some mellow music to wake you up? A lovely church organ piece would be nice.

Penny Wars

Create different jars for different groups. In youth group, it’s a good idea to separate by grade. Each team has their jar to fill with pennies. Silver coins and dollars count as negative points in the other teams’ jars. Make collecting change a challenge!


In the autumn, host a rake-a-thon and charge a small fee to rake neighbors yards. Who can rake the most leaves in a day? It’s a great way to clean up the neighborhood, volunteer in your community and make some spare change. Plus, we’re sure you can jump in the leaves at least once.

As you can see, we’ve chosen some fundraisers that will get you positive funds without expenses for the fundraiser itself. Good luck!