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Great Lent Decorations for Your Church

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Lent is a season of repentance and reflection as the church and Christians everywhere prepare for the celebration of Christ's death and resurrection. Beginning with Ash Wednesday, 40 days before Easter, the Lenten season is a special time of year for many Christians across the world.

St. Jude Shop has all of your church supplies covered, including church supplies for Lent. Today, we'll take a look at some of the many Lenten supplies we offer for your church. Browse our online church supply store today!

Lenten Banners

We have many different Lenten Banners for you to choose from for Lent, many are in the traditional purple colors of the season. Our Lenten Banners are imported from Europe, so don't forget your Federal tax number so you can avoid the import tax on these beautiful banners.

Ash Dispenser

As you know, it's traditional to mark parishioners with the sign of the cross in ashes on Ash Wednesday. Many consider it a symbolic symbol of Genesis 3:19 "For you were made from dust, and to dust you shall return." St. Jude Shop offers this Ash Dispenser as an easy way to hold your ashes during this important ceremony.

Crown of Thorns

As you know, Jesus wore a crown made of thorns in mockery as he carried his cross to his own crucifixion. Today, it's a time-honored symbol of Christ's sacrifice for us. St. Jude Shop offers this Crown of Thorns in Several Folds and Sizes so your parish can have an amazing visual that can strike a chord with many. Crafted in Israel and true to size, this Crown of Thorns will make a great addition to your celebration of the Lenten season.

Lenten Nails

Lenten nails are a powerful reminder of what Jesus suffered on the cross. Many churches use this church supply in different ways. One way is to give it out to their parishioners as a reminder of what Christ suffered to carry throughout the season of Lent. Another way is to just have Lentan nails at various places around your church, from the church cafe to the church office, to be a great reminder of the Lenten season.

Deacon or Overlay Stole, Crown of Thorns

St. Jude Shop is proud to offer this Deacon or Overlay Stole with Crown of Thorns on it for the Lenten season. Features gold cross applique at neck seam on overlay and shoulder seam on deacon stole. You can choose the traditional Lenten color of purple, or it is available in all liturgical colors. Wonderfully and beautifully made, this Lenten stole is perfect to mark this special season.


Our family-owned church supply store offers the best in religious goods supply. We are the largest church supply retailer in the United States. Founded in 1965, our mission is to provide everything your church needs so you can welcome those who come to Christ with ease. We offer communion supplies, palm and ash supplies, garden statues, religious articles, and so much more. During Lent, Advent, and all-year round, we invite you to shop our church supplies online today!

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