How To Create a Festive Advent Candle Display

The coming of fall and eventual winter signals the start of the annual holiday season. Whether you’re a family looking for Catholic advent calendars or a church organizer looking for the right advent wreaths and candles, St. Jude Shop is here to help! Our online religious store is passionate about helping everyone who observe Advent celebrate the arrival of Christ and build up excitement for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

If you’re familiar with the origins of Advent or are teaching young family members or loved ones about this celebration’s meaning, we have all the church advent candles and advent wreaths you need to create a beautiful display. The beautiful combination of greenery and lighted candles can be totally customized according to your personal tastes or your church’s preferences. For this exact reason, St. Jude Shop offers several different advent candles, advent wreaths, and other religious advent calendar supplies. View all our options online and follow our advice below for creating the best Catholic advent calendar display.

Start With a Base for Your Advent Wreath

Your entire Catholic advent calendar display rests upon one thing — the metal base. St. Jude Shop is all about giving family members, church leaders, and other religious folks exactly what they need to create a one-of-a-kind advent wreath. One of the primary bases we provide is the 12" Floral Metal Advent Wreath Ring, which includes custom candle holders while also providing a blank slate to create your own festive display. Our religious store recommends choosing this base — or another solid, sturdy metal ring — on which you can lay down greenery and arrange the candles.

However, if you’re looking for something a little less DIY to celebrate the arrival of Christ, you can choose a base with attached decorations and intricate artwork. This Advent Candle Holder from St. Jude Shop features a gold cross design with candle hooters that can be dressed up, while the Holy Family Advent Papercut Style Candle Holder features a striking image of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus in the center. Either way, ensure the base of your advent wreath that holds the advent candles is stable and matches your perfect aesthetic.

Decide On Your Advent Wreath Greenery

If you have your religious advent calendar based picked out, it should include enough candle holders for the entire Advent celebration. But as it is, you may or may not need to shop around for advent wreaths to place on top and around the base to achieve the full decorative effect. St. Jude Shop can help you find the perfect advent wreaths to create the perfect candle display. If you’re interested in eliminating a whole step from the decorating process, the Evergreen 12 Inch Advent Wreath Candle Holder includes both the greenery you’re looking for and the candle holders you need. The natural look of this religious advent calendar is accompanied by slots for four Advent candles.

Shoppers who are interested in a slightly similar option may enjoy the Advent Wreath with Pinecones. This selection includes greenery that is decorated with purple ribbons, gold ornamental balls, and branches, saving you the trouble of finding separate advent wreaths. However, should you choose a more DIY approach to creating a religious advent calendar display, it’s important to choose wreath materials that have the right aesthetic.

Choose the Best Advent Candle Type

The most important part of any Catholic advent calendar display and advent wreath display is the candle. While it is more traditional to have long, tall church advent candles, there are also LED versions available to reduce the risk of fire. St. Jude Shop offers advent candles that suit everyone’s preferences, including our Advent Candle Tapers which are 12 inches tall and our Ball Candles For Advent Wreath. These candles are perfect for lighting the traditional way using matches or a lighter, but offer two different styles for family members and church leaders to choose from. However, if LED bulbs are better for your situation, the LED Advent Candle Set and LED Advent Votives from St. Jude Shop are battery-operated and still shine just as brightly. The bottom line is, however, to choose advent candles that will be safest for your display!

Don’t Forget About the Celebratory Add-Ons

Your Advent celebrations are never complete without all the personalized add-ons! St. Jude Shop is excited to help you get into the spirit of the season with Advent Wreath Socks, perfect for both men and women and guaranteed to help you get you ready for Christmas; these comfortable-fit socks feature holiday designs of the Advent candles and popular holiday sayings. However, if you’re interested in something a little more spiritual and in tune with the season. Our Prayers Around the Advent Wreath booklet includes a multitude of prayers so your family can prepare for the birth of Jesus while growing in faith together.

Create your own religious Advent calendar display with St. Jude Shop today!

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