How to Plan Your Baby's Baptism and What Church Supplies You Will Need

Baptism is a baby's first step towards a life devoted to Christ and to the church. It is a celebration of God's love, as well as the love of family and friends. Your child's baptism is one of the most important days in his or her young life, and therefore should be carefully planned to ensure that their special day is a memorable one. The following is a list of steps that will need to be taken in order to get ready for your baby's baptism:

  • Pick a date with your parish. Baptism is a family affair, so you will want to pick a date that will work for as many of your family members as possible.
  • Find out what seminars or classes are required of you and your baby's godparents. Each parish has different requirements, so you will want to find out what your parish requires so that you can be ready for the big day.
  • Pick your baby's godparents. Traditionally you will be able to pick two, a male and a female. In most cases at least one should be catholic, while it is acceptable for the other to be a christian witness. You will need to talk to your parish in order to find out what their specific requirements are for godparents.
  • Find out which church supplies you need to bring. The ceremony includes a baptismal candle to represent the light of Christ. Some parishes provide these, while others don't.
  • Pick out your child's baptism clothes. Traditionally these clothes are white to symbolize purity or a cleansing of sins.