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Setting Up Your Nativity Scene

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The nativity scene is a traditional decorative element for the Christmas season. Churches, families, communities, and other entities often display this decorative set with pride. Adding the nativity scene to your decorations allows you to display this important symbol that represents why we celebrate this day.

Whether you want a large nativity scene for your church or home, St. Jude Shop can provide you with beautiful, quality nativity sets and figures that can help you celebrate this special holiday and remind yourself and everyone who sees it the reason for the season. We offer indoor and outdoor sets in a variety of sizes, allowing you to find the perfect one for you.

In this blog, we want to give you some tips for setting up your nativity scene in your church or home. Read on to learn more and be sure to shop our collection of nativity sets and figures.

For The Home

A nativity scene is a popular Christmas decoration for the home. While most families display a smaller nativity set on a fireplace mantel or table, large nativity sets are a great way to display this symbolic piece of Christmas decor. There are many different ways that you can add a nativity scene to your collection of decorations.


Small nativity scenes are easy to add to the inside of your home. You can place it on your fireplace mantel, a coffee table, or a shelf. While smaller nativity scenes may not be as noticeable as large ones, they certainly will add to your overall decorations.

If you want your nativity scene to be the center of attention and your main Christmas decoration, you will want to go big. Adding a large nativity scene to the inside of your home is a little more difficult but it is certainly possible. If you only have a small space to work with, only add a few figures can allow you to display the nativity without taking up too much room. The Holy Family, which includes the Virgin Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus, can create the simple nativity set that you need. You can set them in the corner of a room and decorate the walls around them to create a unique look and add more to the set.

If you have more room, a full nativity set can really stand out in your home. Add a large stable to the background to create an even more dramatic and eye-catching look in your home. If a stable is too large to add to your full nativity set, you can always add some straw to the ground or some artificial trees to add to the overall look.


Large nativity sets are easy to add to the exterior of a home. We offer a variety of large nativity sets that can be used outdoors. For your outdoor set, you can add a stable, hay, and place the set in are area where the natural layout of your landscaping can complement the decorations. If you do add a nativity set outside your home, you may want to add some spotlights. Since Christmas lights are huge decorations, you will want to make sure to highlight this element of your decorations as well. A few spotlights that point at the nativity scene can help highlight this decoration and make it a center point.

A nativity scene is an important and popular Christmas decoration for your home and a great way to remember the reason why we are celebrating in the first place.

For The Church

Nativity scenes are also a popular Christmas decoration for churches. Since many churches teach the story behind the nativity scene during the month of December, displaying this at your church is a great idea and allows those who attend your church to really remember why Christmas is celebrated.


Adding a large nativity scene to the inside of your church can help you celebrate this special time of year. Place the nativity set in a stable on the stage or near the entrance so that everyone can see and enjoy this symbolic decoration. You can add some hay around the nativity scene to add to the overall look.


Many churches choose to add a nativity scene outside of their church instead of or in addition to one inside. The outdoor nativity scene can be a symbol and remind passersby why Christmas is celebrated. When you display a large nativity scene outside of your church, you can add all the unique elements to make this an eye-catching and beautiful decoration. Add a large stable, bales of hay, more nativity animals, and other unique touches. Our large outdoor nativity sets include 12 pieces, allowing your church to create the entire scene.

Whether you are adding a large nativity scene to the inside or outside of your church or house, St. Jude Shop can help you display it with pride. Our large nativity sets come in five sizes, allowing you to find the perfect set for you. Remember the reason why we celebrate Christmas and display your nativity scene with pride. Shop our large indoor and outdoor nativity sets today and be sure to contact us with any questions you may have!

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