Palm Leaves For Palm Sunday

In ancient times palm branches served as a representation of goodness and victory. This glorious plant could be found depicted on coins and carved into the walls of architecture. Palm branches became a symbolic way to show, honor, and thank Jesus for his leadership.

Today, palm branches are an essential part of Palm Sunday in the Christian church. Palm Sunday is the sunday prior to Easter every year. It commemorates the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, and Good Friday commemorates the day that Jesus gave his life so that we, as Christians, could live freely. The palm was originally used to lay a path for Jesus and fan him as he passed in Jerusalem. The people of Jerusalem expected Jesus to save them from danger. The people of Jerusalem treated Jesus as though he would be a political leader that would overthrow the Romans. However, Jesus had an alternate agenda. He had traveled to Jerusalem knowing that he would be sacrificing himself on the cross for the sins of all mankind. He did save the people, just in a different way than they were expecting. Today palm leaves are used in Christian churches to commemorate his sacrifice. We take the time to remember his death on the cross and to continually praise him for our freedom and salvation.

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