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Persevering Through Lent: How to Support Your Congregation

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Depending on what your congregation members are abstaining from during the Lenten season, they may start to experience waves of doubt. This is a natural process as humans struggle with uncomfortable emotions and instances of temptation.

As you navigate through this season of Lent with your parish members, be sure to have helpful scriptures prepared and church supplies on hand to support your congregation throughout the following weeks. Order all of the church supplies you need from the St. Jude Shop Lent & Easter collection.

Wisdom from Saints

Whatever members have decided to abstain from for 40 days, they’ll experience a myriad of emotions as the weeks of Lenten season pass. From feeling left out to feeling vulnerable, weak, or sad, there are a variety of Saints and religious figures whose words of wisdom your parish members can lean on. Choose from literature like Lent and Easter Wisdom from Fulton J. Sheen, Lent and Easter Wisdom from St. Benedict — a beloved favorite, or Lent and Easter Wisdom from Pope John Paul II — one of the most popular and inspirational religious figures of our time.

Encourage New Hobbies

Members may have more time on their hands because of what they’ve given up for Lent. Encourage them to explore new hobbies. Recommend healthy activities like drawing, reading, painting, or working out. Sometimes reconnecting with the LORD is about reconnecting with new or old passions.

Focus on Reconciliation

Many members will discover how their day-to-day activities have kept them from their faith, which opens up the door for Reconciliation. Prepare to spend more time during the Lenten season offering the sacrament of Penance, as many more members will attend confessional services during this time. Make sure to keep your schedule open for parish members who would like to schedule private confessions as well. Be sure to have Act of Contrition Prayer Cards available for members to reference while they serve their penance.

Experiment with Food

If congregation members have given up a certain type of food, it’s important for them to replace those meals with new ones. This is a perfect time to encourage them to try new recipes or even attend a cooking class that specializes in a type of cuisine they can still eat.

Reflect on Jesus’ Sacrifice

Just as Jesus is the reason for the season during Advent and Christmas, He is also the reason for the season during Lent and Easter. Many members find comfort in reflecting on Jesus’ sacrifice for humankind to absolve us of our sins — especially while they are struggling to make a sacrifice of their own. Small tokens like a crown of thorns with a prayer card are a good way to help remind church members throughout the day of what Jesus did for us.

Choose St. Jude Shop for Your Church Supplies

However you choose to support your congregation during Lent, St. Jude Shop has the church supplies you need to inspire and encourage them. Shop for Lent materials today from our online store.

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