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Why Do People Collect Things?

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A majority of people collect something. Whether it’s spoons from your favorite travel spots, tickets from your favorite concerts and shows, state quarters, or Pope keepsakes from various Papal meetings around the world, what you choose to collect is important to you alone. What’s the psychology behind collections, and why do people enjoy collecting trinkets?

Collections generally start at a young age when genuine curiosity takes over our actions. The desire to learn everything about the special item or idea is a strong force behind collecting. Take museums for example. A myriad of items representing the same thing are compiled into one place for the onlooker while the museum owner uses it to build upon the foundational knowledge.

Our collections match our interests. There are many motivations for collectors: enjoyment, investment, and socializing - just to name a few. Collecting for enjoyment seems rather obvious because why would you want to collect something that makes you miserable? Those that collect valuable items see them as investments for future status as relics or rare antiques to be traded or sold. Collecting for socializing allows folks an opportunity to come together in joined interests.

Yet there remains one category of collectors - those that collect to treasure memories. The first visit of Pope Francis to the United States renders a fantastic opportunity to start or build upon your religious goods collection. Selecting beautiful or enjoyable Pope keepsakes will forever last as a tangible memory of the Pope’s visit. Even more, if you’re able to bring your goods to a Mass said by Pope Francis, your keepsakes will hold God’s blessing. What a treasured collection, indeed! 

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