So You're Going To Be A Godparent

What a special time in your life - becoming a godparent. A new child has come into your life, and you’ve been selected by the parents to be a spiritual role model in that child’s upbringing. This is a whole new world for you, so where do you start? The beginning.

“In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth,” Genesis 1. So maybe we don’t need to go that far back, but we’ll take it to the 800s. During this era, Christianity had survived the Roman Empire and had successfully created generations of Christians that continued to reproduce and baptize their children in the Christian faith. It’s at this time that baptizing infants was more normal than adults. Baptism sponsors, now commonly called godmother and godfather, had been around since the very first - a witness to the cleansing of the soul and a sponsor for the newly anointed’s religious life ahead.

For the baptism of an infant, it is the role of the sponsor to speak on behalf of the child. You will make the Profession of Faith and accept spiritual responsibility in this child’s name. Whether the child’s parents fail to teach religion or you are a supplement, you hold responsibility for that child living a spiritual, fulfilling life in God’s footsteps.

Quick Facts For Sponsor Qualifications:

  • At least 16 years old
  • Appointed by the parents, guardians (in the absence of both, the Priest or Minister may choose)
  • Received Baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation
  • Leads a faithful life
  • Cannot be the parent

When it comes time for the ceremony, it is a kind gesture to give your godchild a religious gift that carries the essence of you as godparents throughout the child’s life. It can be something like a miraculous medal that can be blessed at the ceremony, a baby rosary bracelet to keep prayer close and handy, a guardian angel wall cross or a simple, beautiful crucifix for the baby’s room.

From the moment of the christening forward, you are the spiritual influence in your godchild’s life. 

From St. Jude Shop to you, 

God Bless.