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Statues and the Catholic Church

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Cultures throughout history have utilized statues in churches for hundreds of years, even before people could read and write. Back then, the ordinary individual wasn’t able to read and understand the Bible tales on their own — that is, until the early 1900s. Priests and scribes were the only members of the church capable of reading and understanding the Bible. So in order to effectively depict biblical events and illustrate what individuals from that period might have looked like, the church utilized sculptures, paintings, and stained glass windows. Church stained glass windows often told Bible tales to help all people — even children — comprehend who Jesus was. Even today, a wide assortment of religious statuary and related church supplies will look great in your church.

The Importance of Imagery

When compared to the previous years, today's scenario is similar. It is common to have photos of our grandparents around and to use them as inspiration for telling stories to our children. In about 60 minutes, music albums and YouTube videos online may convey a narrative by using images and only a few words. To make time for people to read, authors must make their content as fast and simple as possible. Another good example of the necessity to communicate a story in a short time is the usage of pictures and sound bites on the nightly news.


Statues of important people, including presidents, military heroes, and public figures, are found in many federal buildings, helping to preserve and commemorate our nation's past. These memorial sculptures may be seen in many town squares throughout the globe, with the purpose of celebrating significant people. They serve as a reminder of what the person looked like. It is, just as in our nation, a tradition for Catholic churches to include statues of Mary, Jesus, and the saints to memorialize those who have dedicated their lives to God.

Revering Statues

In traditional Catholic style, statues of Mary are often festooned with roses and flowers to commemorate her. We may perform hymns in honor of Mary or carry a statue or image of her during a procession. When viewed by an untrained eye, Catholics may seem to be praying to a statue of Mary, yet this is a respectful manner to honor her; she was "full of grace" and God wanted her to give birth to his son.

Get Yours Today

Each of our statues of Jesus, Mary, and the saints are good tools for Catholic devotees to use in everyday devotions by remembering and celebrating them with pictures. The ancient saying "out of sight, out of mind" may be used here. The saints' examples are meant to live on in our hearts and daily lives, not to fade from view.

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