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The True Meaning of Christmas

Posted by Madwire on

We all know what time of year it is! The holidays are right around the corner, which only means that Christmas time is a little over a month away! Do you know if you have all of the religious goods to make it through this years Christmas? At St. Jude Shop, we have your back. We have many great items that not only will you love to buy for your church, but for your home as well.

A wonderful time of year is right now. The snow is falling and the children are laughing. Getting your children excited for Christmas isn’t hard to do, but getting them to know what Christmas is all about is a different story. Have no fear, St Jude Shop is here! We have all of the Advent calendars you need as well as fun and kid friendly nativity sets. We understand how hard it can be to get your child to know the true meaning of Christmas, but with one of our great nativity sets, it can be easier than ever before.

Tell your child the story of Christmas and why it is celebrated in the first place with a nativity set of your choice. One set that all of the kids seem to love it the 8 Piece Resin Childrens Nativity Set. This cute and playful set comes with 4” figures that your children can play with. They can learn the true meaning of Christmas with this nativity scene and a little bit of your guidance. Shop at our Catholic supply store online now, and teach your children what the true meaning of Christmas is. 

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