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The Best Things To Know About Baptism

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Baptism is very important to the Christian religion. It is a right of passage into the Church once you have accepted Jesus into your heart and promised to serve him for all of eternity; His Holy Spirit will forever live within you. Once you have committed to lead a life as a faithful servant to God - you solidify the gesture by being baptised. When it comes time to for you or a family member to be baptized, find all of the religious goods that you will need online at St. Jude Shop.

Is a baptism necessary to be accepted into Heaven?

You may be wondering if it is necessary to be baptized in order to guarantee your entrance into Heaven in your life after death. Many believe that this is true due to passages in the old testament; John 3:3 states, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Being baptized symbolizes your commitment to God and allows for your sins to be washed away with Holy Water. You are not saved until you are baptised.

Heaven Bound

If you have dedicated your life and purpose to the Lord and have never been baptised, you can still go to Heaven. Baptism is a way to identify with your religion and belief system; it is a physical action to show your dedication to God and break free of your sins. However, you can accept the Lord as your savior and be saved without ever being dunked into a pool of Holy Water. This religious ceremony is very important to many Christians, but is by no mean going to make or break your entrance to Heaven.

If you do choose to be baptized, find all of the religious goods needed for the ceremony online at the St. Jude Shop

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