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The Significance of Taking Communion

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When serving communion to your congregation, it’s important to recount the importance and meaning behind this religious tradition. Whether it’s someone’s First Communion or they’ve been participating in communion for years, preaching about its significance adds more meaning to the act. When you’re in need of church supplies for communion, trust St. Jude Shop to provide high-quality serveware, wafers, and more to follow the tradition correctly.

Communion Has a Great Significance

Communion is the breaking and eating of bread and drinking of wine that is meant to symbolize Jesus’ sacrifice that he made for us so that God could forgive our sins. When we break the bread and drink the wine, it symbolizes Christ’s body and the blood that he shed for our sins. It also holds a deep significance beyond the simple symbol.

We Are One With Christ

When we partake in Holy Communion, Christ becomes a part of us. As we consume the elements of the Eucharist, the parts of Jesus’ body that they represent become one with our own. We literally have Christ within us when we take communion. Since partaking in communion is done in a group, we share in the experience with other believers and become one with Christ together.


During communion, it’s important for believers to think of the act of sacrifice that Jesus made. It is a time for us to give thanks to Christ for all that He has done to preserve our eternal salvation, and all that He continues to do for us in our lives.


While expressing gratitude in prayer during communion is important, it’s vital to remember the gravity of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. Communion serves as a means for us to proclaim his death and recognize how he died for each and every one of us. Often, the symbol of the cross is a reminder enough of his sacrifice and relentless commitment to our salvation.


While meditating on feelings of gratitude and recognizing all that Jesus has done to restore our salvation, taking communion is also a time of celebration because we are reminded that Jesus was resurrected after He died to absolve us of our sins. During communion, we celebrate His resurrection and anticipate His return to be with us again.

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When sharing communion with your congregation, it’s helpful to touch on these points as a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice and love for each and every one of us. By recognizing what the bread and wine represent, expressing gratitude for His unconditional love, remembering the incredible sacrifice He made, and celebrating His resurrection, you and your congregation can experience the significance of Holy Communion more fully.

As you can see, taking communion is far more than just a symbolic tradition. Understanding its significance means purchasing the correct elements as well. St. Jude Shop sells church supplies for communion, such as unleavened wafers, serving tongs for safety, and more. Shop our online store for communion supplies and other church supplies you may need.

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