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Things We Learn From Pope Francis

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Pope Francis is in the United States! He is a rare man that does rare things. The transformation from a man living an average, holy life in Buenos Aires to the most holy man in the world today is notable. He is a man of compassion, of reason, and of genuine kindness. Pope Francis follows in the good teachings of Jesus. Pope Francis followed his vocation, told by God, to lead the Catholic people and people of the world.

This week marks the first time Pope Francis has visited the United States. It’s momentous because he is able to express his faith in his public statements, yet it is not a political agenda. He embodies an authentic statement of his beliefs. Pope Francis, when speaking at the State of the Union, to the entire Congress, and to the United Nations, spoke honestly about immigration, climate change, and his gratuity to all people who serve the country through every job. Pope Francis encourages us to welcome those that have no home and to share with others the benefits we are fortunate enough to receive.

Pope Francis closely emulates Jesus Christ. His decision to dine with the homeless is just one similarity. The elite folks of the U.S. asked the pope if he would dine in their presence, and they were denied. Pope Francis took to the streets to personally speak and walk with the homeless. Nearly 3.5 million American citizens are homeless which means it is up to us to abide by Jesus’ teachings and use what the pope teaches us to make the others’ lives better.

There is so much we can continue to learn about Pope Francis. We are so fortunate to have him as a part of our society, even if it is just for a short time. If you can’t wait any longer for the best pope memorabilia or religious goods, please visit St. Jude Shop in Philadelphia and bring them with you as you see the pope - maybe it’ll even receive a blessing from the holy man. 

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