Tips to Help Parents Share Lent With Their Children

While Sundays are the primary time for religious growth, once a week is just not enough to form that firm foundation in God that will help children when times are hard as they grow. And with parents' insanely busy lives, it can be hard for them to find the extra time outside of Sundays for their religious growth. Below, we'll share some tips you can offer the parents in your parish for sharing Lent with their children. Shop our church supply store online today!


Read Lenten Books

Kids love stories, and reading them books about Lent and what it means is a great way to explain it to children that is engaging and fun. St. Jude Shop offers many different kid’s books on Lent, such as our Celebrating Lent Picture Book, which is perfect for kids of all ages, and our Coloring Book About Lent for those children who love to color.

Focus on Giving Away, Not Giving Up

Many kids are too focused on the fact that they have to give something up for Lent that they like, so it becomes all about the fact they are missing their favorite kind of candy or ice cream, rather than the meaning behind Lent. Instead, turn the focus to what they can give to others during this season. For instance, you can take the money you would have spent on candy and give that to the poor. Using any type of candles for Lent candles as a family activity is a powerful reminder of what Lenten season is all about.

Make Prayer Beads

Making prayer beads is a great way to celebrate this time of deep reflection on Christ's sacrifice. You can either purchase a pre-made rosary, such as our Mommy and Me Beads Rosary, or make one yourself. This is a great activity to do on a Sunday at your church as well.

Walk in Faith

Lent is a great time to put the focus back on Christ before Easter. You can encourage the parents to come up with small daily reminders that keep the Lenten season in kids' minds. One great way is with our Kids' Resurrection Socks. Every time your child puts these socks on, takes them off, or looks at them, they will be reminded of Christ's sacrifice for them.

Pray Children's Daily Prayers

Oftentime, children don't know how to pray or what to pray for. St. Jude Shop has created a Children's Daily Prayerbook that contains daily prayers. Perfect for schools, religious education, and parents, children will love these prayers specially selected for them.


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